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Safety Signage

Maintaining safety at your workplace or construction site becomes crucial to protect both workers and clients from potential dangers. At Safetysigns.lk, we offer a comprehensive range of OSHA compliant safety signage solutions to keep your employees and public alert on possible threats in your workplace or construction ground. Our signage covers an array of signs used in various workplaces, factories and industries as well as could be tailored to meet any industrial or organizational setting. Available in different materials and for applications, clients could find a full selection of signage solutions from us. Each signage is designed and printed in compliance with the health and safety regulation standards.

Caution and warning signage
Keep your visitors and employees updated on potentially hazardous areas and notify to be vigilant by placing caution and warning signs within your building and warehouses in advance. By doing so, your workers and the public will be well aware of authorised areas and dangerous areas to enter. Warning signs on speed limits and warning unauthorised individuals entering restricted areas are some of the signs used frequently.

Construction signage
Remind workers and people to keep an eye on possible hazards in the construction area. Construction areas are the places where sudden perils could occur, and fatal falls are frequent among them. On-going construction work could be dangerous to both workers and public passing by. Therefore, it is necessary to display construction warning signs to maintain a secure working environment.

Emergency Exit Signage
Have you figured which exit pan works well for the building? Direct people to the right exit points within your building by displaying exit signs to save lives during emergencies. As visitors and workers are sent in the right directions, this helps reduce life threats and human stampede.

Fire Safety signage
Provide the details in advance before it is too late. Having fire exit signs placed in the right place is very much essential. Given that, your workers and visitors are well aware of the precautions that need to be taken during fire emergencies. Fire extinguisher, fire exit and fire point are some of the examples of our fire safety signage.

P.P.E Signage
P.P.E signs provide clear headlines and signs among workers in a specific construction area. These headings and signals printed on easy to read and understand formats are aimed at notifying workers on safety requirements such as wearing Personal Protective Equipment that helps maintain safety in the workstation. For instance, specific sites require safety glasses, while some require hard hats upon entering. Depending on the requirement, they should be displayed and could save human lives before it is too late.

Lockout – Tagout signs
Injuries caused due to dangerous machine operation that are still under the maintenance process should be avoided. To evade these type of accidents, lockout and tagout signs should be placed to alert the workers ahead. LOTO signs are commonly used in industries and research areas to make sure that machines under construction or unsafe for operating are correctly shut down and not be able to start up again before complete maintenance or repairs are performed.

Safety posters
Having placed safety posters in buildings are very crucial to deliver your safety message among the workers and the public. These safety posters designed in an easy to read and understand format includes colourful and bright illustrations and direct messages written in simple English. Given that, the message can be delivered among a massive crowd at once, without having to address individually. They can be used to convey general safety messages such as warnings on possible dangers, safety measures and practices that should be followed within the workplace.

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