Emergency Evacuation Plans

Your workplace needs to have a proper emergency evacuation plan/map to respond to sudden situations. Without adequate and efficient evacuation management plans in place, visitors and staff are at risk of possibly fatal consequences. At Safetysigns.lk, our service is not only to provide you with safety signs but also to help you prevent these dangerous situations from happening. We liaise with you to design bespoke evacuation diagrams, and fire evacuation plans, emergency fire action plans, to comply with standard regulations. By inspecting your site, our consultants create precise and accurate layouts for buildings. Our evacuation management diagrams clearly demonstrate all workers and the public the exit routes, safety measures that should be carried out during emergencies, assembly points and all other relevant information.

While developing an emergency escape plan/map, we evaluate the number of plans required in your office block, as well as the most suitable places to install the diagrams so that everyone in the building will be familiar and well aware of the information on the plan.


Emergency evacuation plan/map (emergency escape plan)

Whys is it important?
Why do you think the emergency evacuation plan/map is important? Well, it assures to provide a safe path for the evacuation of people in case of an emergency. When an emergency situation occurs, the employees should be vigilant enough to arrive at. This decision should be made at the spot whether the employees should get inside the building or move out and ask the people to follow them. The emergency escape plan should be a perfect one so that the visitors or the personnel stuck in that building can be evacuated through a proper emergency evacuation plan/map in an appropriate and timely manner.

For instance, if there is an earthquake it is advised that the concerned employees should remain inside and ask the visitors to be calm and stay inside but if there is a problem like a fire, of chemical spillage, etc. then there should be a proper emergency fire escape plan. As fire can spread throughout the building, only if you have a good emergency fire plan then you will be able to save the people inside and get them out through a safe passage. It is really important to have a pre-planned emergency evacuation plan to deal with such emergency evacuations as nobody knows what happens at what time.

Every good company should have an emergency evacuation map so as to deal with these ambiguous situations in order to save their building as well as the people inside. If you do not happen to have a good one there is a chance that you will be in a huge loss. Not only many people will be affected but also will be your valued asset. As discussed in case of a fire, an emergency fire plan/map is a visual guide which has all the actions that should be taken immediately by the staff working in that building. They include all the SOP’s to be followed and all the arrangements that should be done at once in case of a fire. The employees also do drills so that they do not panic in case of a real emergency and are used to the proper management of emergency evacuation.

At some places a specific person is selected and trained adequately so that he is the in charge and knows how to deal with the situation at the time of emergency. He is trained professionally according to the emergency evacuation plan and told all the procedures for evacuation. If there is no trained person at that time people get panicked and a lot of people can lose their lives if not treated correctly.

Designing Fundamentals
An emergency evacuation plan/map does not just include fire it includes all kinds of emergency situations that might be possible in a building. The design being used for the visual guide should be clear and simpleton understand. All the essential details as well as orientation should be checked keenly. The directions, locations, symbols used should be appropriate. The plan should be oriented correctly showing where you are standing at the moment and where you should be heading. These visual guides in designing fundamentals can help a lot.

Disasters can happen at any time so it is essential to create an emergency evacuation plan. We at safetysign.lk can help you in making an emergency evacuation plan for your building as we specialize in this field. Our trained staff can make the most professional and the best fire escape plan as well as any sort of emergency evacuation plan according to the building. We assure that the plan we make will assure your organizations safety. If there be need our staff can visit your building as well to check if the emergency exit boards and other important exits are marked correctly and people can see them. In case of an emergency the visitors know where to escape from. The importance of an emergency evacuation plan can never be neglected as it would be wise enough to be prepared so such events beforehand to prevent a huge loss. We assure that all the site plan is according to OSHA, ISO and international standards to uplift your organizations standards.


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