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Welcome to | Leading safety signage boards maker in sri lanka

we are the premier source for safety sign and advertising solution in Sri Lanka. We design, manufacture and supply a wide range of safety signage for business to maintain a fully compliant safety environment.

Our Comprehensive Solutions

Health and safety signs within your workplace are significant communication tools that highlight potential hazards to employees and the public. While keeping people aware of the processes in unfamiliar areas, safety signs also function as a frequent reminder on safety information and dangers to be mindful of. At Safety, we design and deliver a full range of safety signage and advertising solutions for companies across Sri Lanka. Our safety signage and advertising solutions cover fire safety signage, warning & caution signage, emergency fire exit sign, P.P.E signage, lockout tagout safety signs, Road / traffic signage, construction signs, emergency evacuation map & plans, reflective & radium sign boards, health and safety posters, acrylic sandwich boards, 5s visual boards, sticker branding, wayfinding floor stickers, sandblast stickers, acrylic | plastic folders & pockets, screen printing, PVC office ID cards and more.

 We committed to offer you creative & best quality products & services to achieve your organizational goals. Our Powerful creativity & loyalty will be in forefront at everything we do.

safety signage boards

Signage Boards

Our collection contains industrial and general safety signage boards including fire safety signs, emergency fire exit signs, emergency assembly point signage, warning signs, radium & reflective safety sign board, P.P.E signs, road & construction signage, 5s boards, name boards & customized public/common signage.

Sticker Works

Let stickers speak of your brand. We follow sandblasting, sign cut and tinted sticker techniques in office glass partitions and radium & luminous stickers and printed graphics to create stunning office spaces.

Acrylic & Plastic Works

Whether you are looking for suggestion/complaint box, notice & pocket boards,slip holders, acrylic/plastic folders & pockets , we manufacture and supply an array of acrylic and plastic supplies for office use. Each product is made of high-quality clean-cut acrylic and plastic sheets.

Emergency Evacuation Plans

During emergencies, workplaces should have predefined escape plans and procedures to ensure the safety of employees and the public. Our health and safety consultants develop the most effective emergency evacuation map / plans for your building.

Plastic ID Cards

We handle all types of business identity card and visitor pass printing requests. They are manufactured using durable PVC and plastic materials to suit organizational specifications.

Screen Printing

Create your own promotional materials such as T-shirts, overalls, caps, pens, umbrellas, gift items, flags and banners printed with company branding. We offer high-quality screen printing solutions for promotional products and all your marketing requirements.

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Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturer and supplier of safety signs and advertising solutions

Why Choose Us

With profound knowledge in industrial safety signage design, knows how to deliver your company’s health and safety message across.  We are the one-stop-shop for all kind of safety signage and branding solutions in Sri Lanka.   

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safety logo is Sri Lanka’s distinguished online marketplace that offers safety signage and advertising solutions for businesses. We have a broad range of industrial safety signage and bespoke solutions to meet your business needs. 

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