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We are specialized on manufacture industrial safety signs boards including Warning Signs, Emergency Signage, Fire Safety Signs, Construction Signage, Caution Signs, Mandatory Signage, Prohibition Signs, Notice Signage, Security Signs, Parking Signage, Radium signs, reflective signage and Safety Stickers. Our professionals will design attractive sign boards according to the standards and manufacture with premium quality materials using modern methodology to make more durable. Availability of vast range of materials with different sizes & finishes offers you best selection match with your requirement and budget.
Other than just supplying, we will design sign boards according to your working environment & site plan and install them while being a partner of your organization. Especially always we are here to share our know how and experience with you to uplift your organizational safety & quality standards.

Emergency exit signage

Emergency exit signs are intended to be absolutely distinctive and easily understandable to anyone. Initially, only an “exit” word was used in the emergency exit signage but gradually with advancement companies improvised it and added pictures in it, with or without an accompanying text to make it more visible to the eye.

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Reflective signage

Reflective signage are signage which reflect light in dark even though they do hot show any significant features in normal daylight in the dark, when light falls on to the board the contend which can be either letters or pictures brightly trans illuminate giving a very clear view.signs should be clearly viewed not only in the day light but also in the dark.

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P.P.E Signage

Safety signage warn about dangerous condition and P.P.E signs provide a guidance to avoid this dangerous conditions these promotes safety workplace habits and by putting a P.P.E signage the management expect to increase the awareness of employees. P.P.E signs reminder and order the type of safety equipment which Should be used.

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Fire safety signage

Fire safety signs are needed to ensure the safety of the employees in case of a fire. fire signs increase the awareness and preparedness of the employees and it improves the reaction speed in a fire as well. every single place such as offices, factories, hospitals, ports need to have fire safety signage.

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Radium signage

Radium sign boards are used to transmit light in the dark without battery or electricity. for this, sign board should be exposed to light and during this time bored absorb energy from the light and when its dark its emits light.various names such as photo luminescent, glow in the dark signage are used for radium signs.

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Lockout tag out signage

So many accident occur to switching on machines while the maintenance processors are going on to avoid those we can use lockout tag out signage and it indicates that the machine is been repaired and after that authorized person can switch it on this ensures the safety of employees while searching and repairing of machine.this loto signage system is used in many companies because it is essential for a safe workplace.

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