P.P.E Signage
( personal protection equipment sign )

Safety signage warn about dangerous condition and P.P.E signs provide a guidance to avoid this dangerous conditions these promotes safety workplace habits and
by putting a P.P.E signage the management expect to increase the awareness of employees. P.P.E signs reminder and order the type of safety equipment which Should be used.
P.P.E signs also essential in safety audits eye protection signage, ear protection signage, fall protection signage 
can be taken as examples
Eye protection signage
           those in form about the damages which can occur to eyes while wending, drilling, cutting etc.

Ear protection signage 
            these remind to were earplugs to avoid damage to ears due to loud noises 
Fall protection signage 
            these alert the employees about the damages following a fall from a height and promotes wearing helmets, safety belts etc.

Date : 2019-05-13
Time : 12:22:34
Posted By : www.safetysign.lk

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