Fire safety signage
( fire sign )

Fire safety signs are needed to ensure the safety of the employees in case of a fire. fire signs increase the awareness and preparedness of the employees and it improves the reaction speed in a fire as well. every single place such as offices, factories, hospitals, ports need to have fire safety signage.
Rules of fire safety signs
1).always should be clear and standards signs.
2).safety signage should be used in appropriate hallways corridors and doors.
3).should be trans illuminate.
4).to identify the exit pathway at a glance reflective radium  arrows should be used.
5).final fire exit sign should not have arrows pointing at any  direction.
6).standards fonts and pictures should be used.
7).should be placed in standards height in appropriate places.
8).all the employees should be  given basic knowledge on  handling fire safety equipment. 

Date : 2019-05-14
Time : 12:47:06
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