Fire Evacuation Plans

We are a designer and manufacture of emergency evacuation plan / fire evacuation plan which helps to evacuate people & properties in your working area in the event of emergency fire or disaster. We assure that we will design and execute your emergency evacuation plan in fully compliance with fire safety requirements and considering the nature, functions & floor plan of your organization. We will help you to protect your employees through our well planned emergency evacuation plan to mitigate the risk of fire or disaster.

Emergency evacuation map

Emergency escape plan assures to provide a safe path for the evacuation of people in case of an emergency. When an emergency situation occurs, the employees should be vigilant enough to arrive at. This decision should be made at the spot whether the employees should get inside the building or move out and ask the people to follow them. The emergency evacuation plan should be a perfect one so that the visitors or the personnel stuck in that building can be evacuated through a proper emergency evacuation plan in an appropriate and timely manner. For instance if there is an earthquake it is advised that the concerned employees should remain inside and ask the visitors to be calm and stay inside but if there is a problem like a fire, of chemical spillage etc. then there should be a proper fire escape plan. As fire can spread throughout the building, only if you have a good emergency fire plan then you will be able to save the people inside and get them out through a safe passage. It is really important to have a pre-planned emergency evacuation plan to deal with such emergency evacuations as nobody knows what happens at what time.

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