Emergency exit signage
( fire exit sign board )

An emergency exit sign can be a savior for you if you are stuck in a fire, as it can be the most important thing which can help you in case of a fire or any other emergency. An emergency exit signage is to be held in a public like a building, aircraft, or a boat. Have you ever thought about what it really means? It basically is placed to signify the position of the closest emergency exit. The most often used codes for an emergency like a fire, building, health, or safety for all such kind of emergencies the exit signs should at all times be seen easily so that people know where to go in case of an emergency. This would keep the emergency exits safe and ready it is best to keep all the signs lit in order to give more attention.

 The clear and safe path from where you can get out in case of an emergency is known as the emergency exit, it is usually a faster way to get out than any other way in the facility. Initially many people used it as a way into the specific building, so it became very important to make sure they are ready to use at all times of emergency only.
Emergency Exit signs are intended to be absolutely distinctive and easily understandable to anyone. Initially, only an “exit” word was used in the emergency exit signage but gradually with advancement companies improvised it and added pictures in it, with or without an accompanying text to make it more visible to the eye.

The OSHA’s standards state that every exit must be visible and marked by a sign reading “Exit”. Our team of creative designers ensures that the Line-of-sight to an “Exit” sign must be visible at all times. We don’t only create an “EXIT” sign but we can put in all the creativity to show it through pictographs as well as through words. So that even if a person cannot read the words he can easily see the picture to understand that in case of an emergency he can leave through the denoted emergency exit.

The word “Exit” should be at least 6" (15.2 cm) high according to the OSHA’s standards, this height makes it easy for everyone to see this sign even the ones with weak eyesight. These signs have significant importance and must be hung all along the exit path, indicating the entrance to the nearest exit, to make the exit way obvious instead of confusing. We at www.safetysign.Ik provides the most specialized designs, supply signage like fire exit sign, emergency exit, reflective and radium, display boards and much more. We can provide the best quality service with OSHA’s standards for emergency exit signs. We follow all the essentials direction to prepare the best signboards and emergency exit signs.

We at safety sign provide very attractive offers pertaining to price and we never overcharge. We have the availability of a vast range of materials from which you can select. Our customers can select which kind of signs they need and the material and we make emergency signs for them easily. So , you can easily contact us if you want a sign for your copany . We will provide you quality work for sure.

Date : 2019-05-13
Time : 09:55:15
Posted By : www.safetysign.lk

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