Sticker branding
( Sticker works )

<div>Sticker branding are a great way to increase your brand awareness. We provide vehicle branding with the highest quality which will give an excellent marketing impact and increase your brand awareness. When stickers are stuck on vehicles or other items, people can consciously or subconsciously become aware of the colors, images and text on the sticker overtime and eventually the brand becomes familiar to them. This marketing strategy is a great way to stick out in the minds of busy customers.&nbsp;</div><div>We have the ability to create sandblast, sign cut, tinted stickers for your office glass partitions and radium and luminous sticker works, floor modification stickers and any printed sticker branding according to your requirement to enhance the beauty of your office area by doing unique, creative designs with excellent finishing. We provide you with various options &amp; superior quality products that we guarantee would last for a long time without the color fading. It may fulfill your in-door advertising requirement which is assuring that your brand awareness reaches your potential customers.</div><div>Promotional Sticker Branding</div><div>When promotional sticker are used for marketing, people eventually start recognizing the brand and become familiar with it. This is a great way to increase sales and brand awareness. These can be used to deliver information to prospects and customers. You can engage with the customers from your giveaway by offering free stickers at promotional events or trade shows, or another effective way could be to give promotional stickers with offers on them. We offer the best quality stickers which last for a long time, thus no additional costs required as your brand can be promoted for a long time as well. We offer our customers an extensive range of products.</div><div>Wall Stickers&nbsp;</div><div>In order to reflect your level of professionalism and to take your branding to another level, using wall stickers is the best way to do so. Using wall stickers in your office is another way of brand awareness. Our office logos adhere your business personality to walls in order to showcase your company. We create stickers that match the unique style of your brand. It allows your space to reflect your brand personality. Using these stickers can help in drawing attention as stickers are made to get noticed and send a message in a unique way.&nbsp;</div><div>Safety Stickers</div><div>Safety stickers are made from durable vinyl and are resistant to fading and mild chemicals, which we guarantee would last for years. When designing the product, we keep in mind the probability and severity of a potential injury a person could go through if the instructions on the safety stickers are not followed. All stickers have different shapes and colors. Black is for hazard alert, blue is for mandatory actions and red is for prohibition. Each type of safety sticker includes all the commonly used safety and hazard warnings and a diagram. We manufacture them with premium quality materials using modern methodology to meet your expectations!</div><div>Floor Stickers</div><div>We offer the best, unique and customized floor stickers which are easy to use and re-use which are ideal for indoors and outdoors both. These can easily applied and removed. These stickers helps in promoting your brand as they will be seen by anyone who walks by. It creates a professional look for a business space. Our stickers&nbsp; are created&nbsp; with the best photo quality printing process which makes your logos look their sharpest and unique. Floor stickers are smooth and are slip resistant and stick great for a long period of time. Our creative staff tries it's best and efficiently to meet your exact desires!</div><div>Radium Sticker Works</div><div>These stickers absorb light and re-radiate it after a period of time to give that glow in the dark. We offer a wide and commendable range of Radium Stickers. These are designed and made according to our client's needs. Our radium stickers have a longer functional life and maximum efficiency. Stickers are often overlooked as an effective and an eye catching branding tool, regardless of the fact that they have the most versatility when it comes to placement. As for radium stickers, they tend to stand out in the dark grabbing the utmost attention.&nbsp;</div><div>Sandblast Sticker Works</div><div>Sandblast Stickers are usually used for office glass partition and house. These are used to increase privacy, protect from sun light and enhance the beauty of window by doing a nice cut. We provide a superior quality and durable stickers which are reliable and reasonable. Our stickers are easy to apply and offer an attractive alternative to curtains and blinds. We offer customized stickers that are very easy to use, self adhesive and very convenient to paste and remove. Our sandblast stickers being of superior quality, require little maintenance apart from a wipe with water only. It can be used anywhere. We provide a wide range of cut out designs. We can make them in any shape and size that you require.&nbsp;&nbsp;</div><div>Tinted Stickers</div><div>Tinted Stickers are mostly applied to any new or existing smooth glass surface. We offer a wide range of shading to provide a durable privacy on demand and extreme clarity. These stickers help in blocking the harsh sunlight and keeps the glass from shattering. This product should be considered as a long term investment. You want a product that lasts years, not months. Also, quality matters and shows. Thus we provide you with an exceptional and high quality product which would never disappoint you.&nbsp;</div><div>Luminous Sticker Works</div><div>These stickers create a delightful atmosphere. If you're looking for the best quality luminous sticker works with elegant craftsmanship, we offer you just that! We provide you with luminous stickers that can be used again after applied once. These stickers are known to stand out and stick well. Our stickers are of unrivaled quality, we can make them in any shape and size that you require. The material we use is extremely durable but removable, with vinyl finish. We assure you maximum satisfaction as we put a great effort in creating our designs.&nbsp;</div>

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Emergency evacuation map
( emergency escape plan )

Whys is it important?
Why do you think the emergency evacuation plan is important? Well, it assures to provide a safe path for the evacuation of people in case of an emergency. When an emergency situation occurs, the employees should be vigilant enough to arrive at. This decision should be made at the spot whether the employees should get inside the building or move out and ask the people to follow them. The emergency evacuation plan should be a perfect one so that the visitors or the personnel stuck in that building can be evacuated through a proper emergency evacuation plan in an appropriate and timely manner.

For instance if there is an earthquake it is advised that the concerned employees should remain inside and ask the visitors to be calm and stay inside but if there is a problem like a fire, of chemical spillage etc. then there should be a proper fire escape plan. As fire can spread throughout the building, only if you have a good emergency fire plan then you will be able to save the people inside and get them out through a safe passage. It is really important to have a pre-planned emergency evacuation plan to deal with such emergency evacuations as nobody knows what happens at what time.

Every good company should have an emergency evacuation plan so as to deal with these ambiguous situations in order to save their building as well as the people inside. If you do not happen to have a good one there is a chance that you will be in a huge loss. Not only many people will be affected but also will be your valued asset. As discussed in case of a fire, an emergency fire plan is a visual guide which has all the actions that should be taken immediately by the staff working in that building. They include all the SOP’s to be followed and all the arrangements that should be done at once in case of a fire. The employees also do drills so that they do not panic in case of a real emergency and are used to the proper management of emergency evacuation.

At some places a specific person is selected and trained adequately so that he is the in charge and knows how to deal with the situation at the time of emergency. He is trained professionally according to the emergency evacuation plan and told all the procedures for evacuation. If there is no trained person at that time people get panicked and a lot of people can lose their lives if not treated correctly. 

Designing Fundamentals
An emergency evacuation plan does not just include fire it includes all kinds of emergency situations that might be possible in a building. The design being used for the visual guide should be clear and simpleton understand. All the essential details as well as orientation should be checked keenly. The directions, locations, symbols used should be appropriate. The plan should be oriented correctly showing where you are standing at the moment and where you should be heading. These visual guides in designing fundamentals can help a lot.

Disasters can happen at any time so it is essential to create an emergency evacuation plan. We at can help you in making an emergency evacuation plan for your building as we specialize in this field. Our trained staff can make the most professional and the best fire escape plan as well as any sort of emergency evacuation plan according to the building. We assure that the plan we make will assure your organizations safety. If there be need our staff can visit your building as well to check if the emergency exit boards and other important exits are marked correctly and people can see them. In case of an emergency the visitors know where to escape from. The importance of an emergency evacuation plan can never be neglected as it would be wise enough to be prepared so such events beforehand to prevent a huge loss. We assure that all the site plan is according to OSHA,ISO and international standards to uplift your organizations standards.

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Lockout tag out signage
( LOTO sign )

So many accident occur to switching on machines while the maintenance processors are going on to avoid those we can use lockout tag out signage and it indicates that the machine is been repaired and after that authorized person can switch it on this ensures the safety of employees while searching and repairing of machine.this loto signage system is used in many companies because it is essential  for a safe workplace.

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Radium signage
( Photo luminescent signage )

Radium sign boards are used to transmit light in the dark without battery or electricity. for this, sign board  should be exposed to light and during this time bored absorb energy from the light and when its dark its emits light.various names such as photo luminescent, glow in the dark signage are used for radium signs.

in an emergency situations like a power cut, radium signs play vital role to guide people to emergency exit, stare cases etc. When the radium is used for the fire extinguisher sign,even in the dark, the extinguisher can clearly be safety audits radium signs have a high place due to there practical users.

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Fire safety signage
( fire sign )

Fire safety signs are needed to ensure the safety of the employees in case of a fire. fire signs increase the awareness and preparedness of the employees and it improves the reaction speed in a fire as well. every single place such as offices, factories, hospitals, ports need to have fire safety signage.
Rules of fire safety signs
1).always should be clear and standards signs.
2).safety signage should be used in appropriate hallways corridors and doors.
3).should be trans illuminate.
4).to identify the exit pathway at a glance reflective radium  arrows should be used.
5).final fire exit sign should not have arrows pointing at any  direction.
6).standards fonts and pictures should be used.
7).should be placed in standards height in appropriate places.
8).all the employees should be  given basic knowledge on  handling fire safety equipment. 

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P.P.E Signage
( personal protection equipment sign )

Safety signage warn about dangerous condition and P.P.E signs provide a guidance to avoid this dangerous conditions these promotes safety workplace habits and
by putting a P.P.E signage the management expect to increase the awareness of employees. P.P.E signs reminder and order the type of safety equipment which Should be used.
P.P.E signs also essential in safety audits eye protection signage, ear protection signage, fall protection signage 
can be taken as examples
Eye protection signage
           those in form about the damages which can occur to eyes while wending, drilling, cutting etc.

Ear protection signage 
            these remind to were earplugs to avoid damage to ears due to loud noises 
Fall protection signage 
            these alert the employees about the damages following a fall from a height and promotes wearing helmets, safety belts etc.

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Reflective signage
( illuminated signage )

Reflective signage are  signage  which reflect light in dark even though they do hot show any significant features in normal daylight in the dark, when light falls on to the board the contend which can be either letters or pictures  brightly trans illuminate giving a very clear view.signs should be clearly viewed not only in the day light but also in the dark.

to fulfill this need illuminate signage play an important role main advantage of reflective signage is it is cost effective. in other sign boards to give a good view at night, we have to use electricity. reflective signage are used in fire signs, emergency exit signs, emergency signs and in safety audits they are considered as essentials.

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Emergency exit signage
( fire exit sign board )

An emergency exit sign can be a savior for you if you are stuck in a fire, as it can be the most important thing which can help you in case of a fire or any other emergency. An emergency exit signage is to be held in a public like a building, aircraft, or a boat. Have you ever thought about what it really means? It basically is placed to signify the position of the closest emergency exit. The most often used codes for an emergency like a fire, building, health, or safety for all such kind of emergencies the exit signs should at all times be seen easily so that people know where to go in case of an emergency. This would keep the emergency exits safe and ready it is best to keep all the signs lit in order to give more attention.

 The clear and safe path from where you can get out in case of an emergency is known as the emergency exit, it is usually a faster way to get out than any other way in the facility. Initially many people used it as a way into the specific building, so it became very important to make sure they are ready to use at all times of emergency only.
Emergency Exit signs are intended to be absolutely distinctive and easily understandable to anyone. Initially, only an “exit” word was used in the emergency exit signage but gradually with advancement companies improvised it and added pictures in it, with or without an accompanying text to make it more visible to the eye.

The OSHA’s standards state that every exit must be visible and marked by a sign reading “Exit”. Our team of creative designers ensures that the Line-of-sight to an “Exit” sign must be visible at all times. We don’t only create an “EXIT” sign but we can put in all the creativity to show it through pictographs as well as through words. So that even if a person cannot read the words he can easily see the picture to understand that in case of an emergency he can leave through the denoted emergency exit.

The word “Exit” should be at least 6" (15.2 cm) high according to the OSHA’s standards, this height makes it easy for everyone to see this sign even the ones with weak eyesight. These signs have significant importance and must be hung all along the exit path, indicating the entrance to the nearest exit, to make the exit way obvious instead of confusing. We at www.safetysign.Ik provides the most specialized designs, supply signage like fire exit sign, emergency exit, reflective and radium, display boards and much more. We can provide the best quality service with OSHA’s standards for emergency exit signs. We follow all the essentials direction to prepare the best signboards and emergency exit signs.

We at safety sign provide very attractive offers pertaining to price and we never overcharge. We have the availability of a vast range of materials from which you can select. Our customers can select which kind of signs they need and the material and we make emergency signs for them easily. So , you can easily contact us if you want a sign for your copany . We will provide you quality work for sure.

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